Video: Seven String Guitar: An Introduction

This is a lesson I did a couple of years back on YouTube… When I bought my first seven string, in the summer of 2001, there really wasn’t much available in the way of good instructional material or even transcriptions of seven strung tunes to learn from, so I had to sit down and work it out on my own, more or less. I fumbled around and by the end of that summer I felt like I had a pretty good idea how to get around the fretboard, but a lot of my progress was in the form of major breakthroughs where something would click, followed by a couple of weeks of not really getting anywhere. So I thought I’d try to put as many of those breakthroughs as possible into a video.

This was a lot of fun to do anyway, but in early 2013 Ibanez picked this up and shared it on their Facebook page, and I still remember walking onto the Park Street station platform in downtown Boston on my way home when suddenly my phone started blowing up, with all my guitarist friends letting me know what’d happened. That was exciting, but really I was just glad to hear that other people were finding this helpful.

In the next couple months I expect to have a number of additional lessons up here, some video, some blog posts, some a combination of the two. So, watch this space.

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