Hey, So There’s This Box of CDs on my Dining Table…

Zero Mantra unboxed So, I came home to this sitting on my front step tonight; about thirty pounds worth of CDs in two boxes on my front porch. This is an album that I’ve quite literally spent the last ten years of my life either writing for, recording, mixing, or procrastinating on finishing up the liner notes, and to actually have the damned thing physically in hand tonight feels pretty awesome. I’m sitting here with a glass of Dalwhinnie 15 and the album cranked up and playing back through my studio monitors and just grinning like an idiot. It’s a pretty cool feeling – this has been a LONG time coming, and the finished album looks great. A huge thank you is in order to Ashley Belfield from Belfield-Nack Photography for most of the pictures on this (including the cover), Mark D’Vaz from MDV Productions for a great master, Kelsey Mathei for her work on the (badass) graphic design, and Jen Stevenson and Chris Quigley for their awesome performances on two of the tracks. I’m lucky to know people who are simultaneously so talented, yet have so poor judgement so as to want to get involved on this project!

It’ll be another day or two at least before it’s available for sale on CD Baby and probably a couple days at least more before it shows up on iTunes, but for now here’s the first “single” off the record, the fourth track, “Red Skies.” Kind of a melodic instrumental hard rock tune:


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