And, I’m up on iTunes! (plus a new song)

I wasn’t expecting to see it there so quickly (it got sent over to them this morning), but I checked their store this afternoon and sure enough, “Zero Mantra” is now for sale on the iTunes store. It’s been up on CD Baby for a couple days now, as well, though they only have an initial stock of 4 copies so considering I’ve just started telling people it’s there, they very well may be cone by now.

I added a “Store” page here with links to my iTunes Store page and the CD Baby page for my album, and at some point I’ll have some sort of a Printfection or the like store up with T Shirts, pint glasses, etc, once I get the time to set one up.

For now, though, I’m just excited to finally be able to share this album, after all these years. With that in mind, here’s the 5th track from Zero Mantra, a mellow acoustic driven song called “Letting Go.”

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